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BOSCA Limit 450 Review – August 2017

Last Updated: August 2017

This is one of our favorites, and although it is currently out of stock on Amazon, we just had to tell you more. This model is created by the Chilean company BOSCA whose initials stand for Burn Our Smoke Clean Air. This name speaks to the high efficiency of the product. Between aesthetics, durability, and function there’s a lot to discuss with this stove, so let’s dive in!



Key Features

  • Heating Capacity: 1,800 sq. feet
  • BTUs:~47,600
  • Model Number: BCWL450
  • Mobile Home Approved: Yes




What We Like

Design:The BOSCA features form and function put together in an elegant balance. You get a decently sized firebox, large ceramic glass viewing window, and built in storage for logs. Now you won’t need to purchase a firewood rack, or at the very least you can keep it out of site and simply restock from the Limit 450. The window is made from airbrushed glass and allows the flames to pop against the dark black exterior. Finally, there is a removable ash pan that helps speed up your cleaning process. The bottom line is that this wood burning stove looks fantastic!
Heating:The heating range is decent, and there is some technology baked in that makes the usage process a bit easier. The BOSCA has adjustable airflow, which allows you to channel more air into the firebox when you are trying to start the fire (and more oxygen is needed) and then decrease the flow once the fire has started (so it doesn’t burn too quickly). There are firebricks lining the inside which provide a nice benefit. They allow the temperature inside the room to be maintained  better, because the bricks slowly release their heat as the room cools-thus raising the temperature.
Durability:Style and function would be meaningless if this product couldn’t withstand the test of time and repeated usage-thankfully, that won’t be a concern. The firebox is made of heavy duty steel that has been folded. The exterior of the stove is covered in a paint that is heat resistant and improves the radiance of the heat throughout the room-all while improving the overall product  durability.

What We Don’t Like

This is a top product for a reason, because there isn’t much that we dislike we are going to have to be a bit picky, so bear with us…

AvailabilityAt the time of this article’s writing, the product is currently unavailable on Amazon. I am not sure when it will come back in stock. My hope is that as winter draws near and stove demand rises BOSCA will come through for us.
Smoking While Loading:A user reported that there was a small smoke release when the front door was opened to refuel the fire and stoke the flames. This problem can be alleviated by turning up the stove to high heat before adding more logs. It will help burn up the gases causing the smoke, so when you do re-load you’ll get less/no smoking.


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Final Thoughts

In the end, this is a fantastic option for your flame tending lifestyle. You get an attractive design, functional features, and an imported premium product. Don’t worry about support, because you get access to the US Stove Company’s customer service. On top of everything, this model fits in a variety of spaces (both aesthetically and physically) it is even certified for RVs, which make it a great option if you’re always in your camper. We recommend you do yourself a favor and check out the Bosca Limit 450, and elevate your natural heat lifestyle!

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