Hi-Flame FF-905 Shetland Review – August 2017

Last Updated: August 2017

There are countless products in the cluttered flame tending market, so I wanted to shed light on a great product built by a company aptly called Hi-Flame. Their pint sized stove -The Shetland- is a standout product that has been featured on multiple top 10 lists and continues to be commended for its gorgeous design and efficient performance. In this post I’ll dive into some of the specifics that help make this a top rated stove. Let’s take a closer look…



Key Features

  • Heating Capacity: 800 sq. feet
  • BTUs: 21,000
  • EPA Rating: 85%
  • Log Capacity: 12′




What We Like

Design:Most products we discuss only have a have a portion of their components made from cast iron-Hi Flame goes above and beyond and manufacturers the both the front and top side from cast iron. This creates a solid/sturdy design with a classic European look that will charm anyone who sees it. Also the glass viewing window affords a great look inside at the flickering flames. This is probably the most aesthetically pleasing wood burner we have ever reviewed. Looks wise this will destroy a pellet burner any day.
Clean/Efficient:This is an extremely clean burning non-catalytic stove that is respected for its high efficiency. Non-cats have air streams located where the smoke would escape thus causing the smoke to combust and more heat to be released. This increased air flow extracts the maximum possible heat from the fuel, but also happens to cause the logs to burn faster. There may be tradeoffs, but one thing is certain-the burn style produces a mesmerizing flame pattern.  
Easy to Control:Adjusting airflow is accomplished via dampers, and this model features two of them. One located on the underside and one on the front. In practice you would open the dampers when lighting the fire to get maximum oxygen inside, and then close them partially once the logs have ignited. Two dampers gives you a lot more control over how fast and hot the stove is burning. This is a great feature to have.

What We Don’t Like

While this is probably our favorite stove (although we are partial to some others….) there are still a few downsides that we would like to address. Again, not deal breakers, but it helps to have a more balanced perspective sometimes. 

PriceThis is a high quality machine that performs extremely well, so the price is going to be more expensive than some other options. That being said, this product is definitely worth considering due to its great heating, design, and overall aesthetic. You get what you pay for.
Firebox Size: The interior is accommodating to smaller logs, so you’ll have to choose your firewood a little more carefully. This is the case with any small stove though.
Chinese Production: This product is made in China, which could be a turnoff for some, but it seems to have a solid track record.


What Users are Saying

  • Richard S. (owner of 3 months) loves how easy it is to use, and is thinking of replacing his other burners with Shetlands.
  • Suzanne S. is impressed with the heat output for its size
  • Donna R. loves hers, but wishes it was a little bit taller…

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Final Thoughts

Reviewers enjoy the Hi Flame Shetland FF905 for its classic European look, excellent heating performance, and great efficiency/control. If your budget permits and you are trying to heat a smaller area of your home then this is a fantastic choice. There’s a reason why it consistently ranks as one of our favorites! 

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