Best Wood Stove Fans (Non Electric) – Our Top Picks

Having the most efficient wood stove is great, but if you want to maximize the heat flow from your stove then you should invest in a wood burning stove fan. These small heat fans will help the hot air emanating from the stove circulate throughout your house. This helps warm up hard to reach areas, and allows the house to be heated much faster.

How do heat powered fans work? (Hint: It’s not batteries)

These non electric wood stove fans are powered by the heat coming from the top of the stove. After you load stove and ignite the fuel, the stovetop starts to heat up (warming the fan as well). When the base of the fan reaches a certain temperature (different per fan) it converts the thermal energy to electricity via a thermoelectric motor which causes the blades to spin. This unique power source means you don’t need batteries, and the fan will function automatically. Just set it and forget it. The only part that will need periodic replacement is the motor, which gets worn out after a while. Although, to be honest, most people will replace the entire fan. That’s why it’s a good thing that you’re here to read our heat powered stove fan review. 

What to Look For

  • CFM Rate: How many cubic feet of air the fan moves. The higher the value the bigger the difference the fan will make in circulating air throughout the room.
  • Start-Up Temperature: This is the minimum temperature required for the fan blades to start moving of their own accord. If you normally run your stove at a lower temperature then it makes sense to buy a fan with a low starting temperature (100-150F). Otherwise, you will have to manually start the fan by giving it a spin. It is not a big deal, but we prefer the completely hands off approach.

Our Reviews

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Fireplace Heat Powered Fan

  • CFM: N/A
  • Start-Up Temp: ~200F

This is currently the best selling wood stove fan on Amazon, but not all is what it seems. Although, the reviews seem fantastic, most of them were written in exchange for free product/discounts. The fan is a Chinese knockoff of the ecofan. The claims it makes about CFM are not accurate, and the statement that the fan does not need maintenance is false as well. There are fans that are more powerful, and all fans need maintenance. The price is cheap, but the poor airflow is not worth it. Spend the extra money and get one of our other options.


Caframo 812AMXBX Limited AirMax Ecofan – best for most people

Caframo 812AMXBX Limited AirMax Ecofan

  • CFM: 175
  • Start-Up Temp: 150F

This is the tried and true fan for wood stove enthusiasts. Made by the Canadian company Caframo, this fan has a CFM rate of 175, and will do a great job of circulating the hot air around your home. This unit is incredibly quiet, and produces the highest airflow out of the Airmax line (still less than the vulcan though). You will have to experiment with placement on top of the stove in order to find the spot where the fan heats up quickest. Also, the fan may need to be pushed to start at lower temperatures. In general though, this fan is built to last, and is the top fan we recommend (unless you can afford the Vulcan).


Kenley – best budget

Kenley Heat Powered Eco Friendly Stove Top Fan

  • CFM: 110-130
  • Start-Up Temp: ~120F

This is your best option when it comes to budget stove fans. The Kenley comes in either 2 or 4 blades, and will cost you far less than an Ecofan. That being said, the quality is definitely NOT far less. The Kenley produces 110 CFMs with the two blade variant and 130 CFMs with the four blade version. These stoves are reliable, but just don’t have quite as much airflow as the Ecofans. The benefit is that they have low start up temperatures, so it will not take much heat to initiate spinning. One option is to buy two Kenleys and set them up in tandem. Overall, this is our top budget recommendation.


Vulcan stove fan – All around best 

Vulcan Stove Fan (Stirling Engine Powered)

  • CFM: 200
  • Start-Up Temp: 150F

Now for a fan with legendary status. The Vulcan moves an incredible 200 CFMs of air, and is capable of operating at higher stove temperatures (past 250 degrees Farenheit) at which point fans like the Ecofan would struggle. Additionally, the Vulcan will last longer because of its unique engine design. It uses a stirling engine, which uses heat from the stove to rapidly heat and then cool a fixed quantity of air. The expansion and contraction of this air (due to heating and cooling) drives a piston up and down, thus powering the blades. The only downside to this stove is the high price, but the combination of compact design, high CFM, and reliability is hard to beat.


Warpfive Glasshopper – Most powerful

Heat Powered Stove Top Fan for wood multi-fuel coal

  • CFM: 260!
  • Start-Up Temp: 158F

Warpfive is a fitting name for the company that produces this incredibly powerful and technologically advanced fan. The Warpfive is known as a stirling engine fan, because it uses a stirling engine, and by the merit of its larger blades is able to output a ridiculous 260 CFM. It has the added benefit of having a start up temperature (minimum stove temp for blades to begin spinning) of only 158 degrees. Unfortunately, this fan does not look as attractive sitting atop a pellet or insert stove due to its large size. Speaking of large, this stove costs quite a lot, but if you want the most CFMs with the lowest starting temperature  there is no better option than a Warpfive.


Final Thoughts

So there you have it, our wood burner fan reviews. There are many heat activated fans for wood stoves, and they are a small accessory purchase that can make a big difference in the performance of your wood stove. You will love feeling warm faster, and being able to sit further away from the fire while still feeling the heat. Finally, we would be lying if we didn’t admit that there is something plain fascinating about a fan that operates without any wires or batteries. It’s almost like magic, but then again prehistoric man thought fire was magic so maybe our obsession with these fire fans is a logic evolution of this primal belief.

Vogelzang wood stove

Vogelzang Wood Stove Reviews – Top 3 Models

The defender is an air tight steel wood burning stove. It has a beautiful charcoal black finish and is engineered for excellence.

The story of the stove dates back to 1974 when Vogelzang first started offering affordable heating products. The company is dedicated towards providing some of the finest selections in wood and pellet stoves. According to the company website, their motto is “our customers come first.”

When purchasing a Vogelzang stove you can expect the most pristine design as well as a high level of safety and support. All their products have been tested by their engineering department and the stoves meet the current safety standards.

If you’re looking to keep warm this winter, this is the stove to look out for.

Vogelzang Wood Stove – 3 Models

There are several types of Vogelzang stoves, the ones we’ll be reviewing today are the TR001, TR004, and the TR009.

#1 TR001 Defender EPA Wood Stove

Vogelzang TR001 Defender EPA Wood Stove

The defender is truly a feat of modern science. Its overall architecture is something to marvel at. It comes equipped with a heavy cast iron door that has a ceramic glass embedded within it to give provide a magnificent view of its inside.

The process behind its technology is simple. The air inlet at the front burns the wood upon starting up. The secondary air inlet at the back of the box feeds air to the upper side of the stove through 3 tubes. This allows air to easily circulate in and out of the stove to provide maximum efficiency and the highest level of warmth. In our opinion, this stove has a very efficient way of outputting the most energy for the wood put in.

Notable Features:

  • Adjustable legs
  • Can take logs up to 17”
  • 75% Efficiency
  • EPA Certification


  • Up to 1,200 sq. ft.
  • 68,000 BTUs
  • 260 lbs


#2 TR004 Colonial EPA Wood Stove


This is a beautiful airtight fireplace that will definitely improve the efficiency of a normal fireplace. Like the TR001 it is constructed of a heavy cast iron door with a ceramic glass interior to allow for viewing of the inside. What’s nice about this specific stove is that it comes with a hearth surround to fully block off the existing fireplace. Installation is very easy thanks to its spring loaded automatic adjustment system.

Notable Features:

  • Can burn up to 8hrs
  • Accepts logs 18”
  • 75% Efficiency
  • Blower included
  • EPA Certification


  • Heat up to 1,800 sq. ft.
  • 265 lbs
  • 69,000 BTUs


#3 TR009 Performer EPA Wood Stove

Vogelzang TR007 Ponderosa with Blower

The performer, like the name suggests, is an absolute powerhouse. It can produce extraneous amounts of heat for long periods of time. Coming in at 119,000 BTU’s, this stove can have a continuous burn of up to 12 hours on just a single load.

Unlike the TR001 and TR004, the TR009 is able to accept 20” logs, allowing for completely new possibilities. It has a much larger heating range of up to 2200 sq. ft.

It comes equipped with a heavy cast iron door and an air washed glass window that allows for a magnificent view of the inside. Another handy feature of the performer is a fire ash drawer to allow the user to easily clean the ash out of the firebox.

In our opinion, the best time to use this stove is when you need lots of heat for extended periods of time.

Notable Features:

  • Up to 12hr burn time
  • 20” log accepted
  • Adjustable high speed (100 CFM)
  • 75% efficiency
  • EPA Certification


  • Heats 2,200 sq. ft.
  • 119,000 BTUs
  • 356 lbs


Final Thoughts

If you are in search of a reliable wood stove to keep your home warm during the cold winter months, you can only expect the highest quality from the Vogelzang models. Depending on your house size and your needs, you can select between any of the three models. However, if you would like to check out some other reviews on stoves, visit our homepage for more information.

best wood stove for tiny houses

Top 4 Wood Stoves for Tiny Houses – Comprehensive Reviews

Finding a wood stove for RV or a tiny house can be a grueling task with excessive manual labor, high utility costs, and unreliable heating. Heating a small area of space should be convenient and inexpensive. Chances are, you found this article hoping to find a solution for your heating situation. Thankfully for you, we have discovered the best way to heat your small house through months of personal experience of trying to find the most ideal way to heat our small cabin. A mini wood burning stove is all you need to rest peacefully and stay warm this upcoming winter. Very small wood burning stoves are basically smaller versions of regular wood stoves that are specifically built to thrive in your tiny house.

Finding a small wood stove that suits your tiny house is an investment that pays itself off in dividends. Never worry about keeping your family in the cold again by relying on the ineffective heating systems that your house came equipped with. Extra small wood burning stoves have gained immense popularity over the past several years because of their convenience and money saving value. For this reason, there are now a myriad of different small stoves. We’re going to help you find the one that best suits your needs!

Benefits of a Tiny Wood Stove

First, let’s take a look at the advantages of a tiny wood stove. Mini wood burning stoves have low operating costs and deliver a tremendous amount of heat. Furthermore, the heat takes only a few minutes to get fully going, compared the ventilation systems that take substantially longer. Small wood stoves offer an essential backup to any existing heating systems. It is vital to have more than one type of heating source in any home, and a wood burning stove provides an excellent combination. Small wood burning stoves for tiny houses supply a homely ambiance, as well as a heating source you can rely on because it does not depend on non-renewable resources. In case of a power outage, your tiny wood stove keeps you and your family warm and comfortable. Tiny portable woodstoves also come armed with a cooking surface. Incredibly, you have the ability to heat water and prepare meals with a small wood burning stove.

 Product NameEPA CertificationHeat RadiusOur RatingPrice
pleasant-hearth-wood-burning-stovePleasant Hearth Wood Burning StoveYes, 85% Efficiency2,200 Square ft.4.5 star$$$$
Vogelzang TR001 Defender EPA Wood StoveVogelzang Tr001 Defender EPA Wood StoveYes, 75% Efficiency1,200 Square ft.3.5 star$$$
Hi-Flame FF-905 Shetland Wood StoveHi-Flame FF-905 Shetland Wood StoveYes800 Square ft.4.5 star$$$$
Dickinson Marine 00-NEWSF Newport Solid Fuel HeaterDickinson Marine Newport Solid FuelYes1,000 Square ft.5 star$$

Best Tiny House Wood Stoves

#1 Dickinson Marine Newport Solid Fuel

Dickinson Marine 00-NEWSF Newport Solid Fuel Heater

This unit is the smallest wood stove available on the market. As a result, it is one of the best mini wood stoves for boat use. The Dickinson Newport is built to last for decades with proper maintenance and quickly provides warmth to your tiny space. This small wood stove requires 3” diameter chimney parts as well as a minimum 4ft chimney. For fuel, this stove burns one to two 1” inch thick wood or pesto log, and a handful of charcoal briquettes or coal. It also comes equipped with a removable ash drawer and damper control for easy cleaning. The Newport Solid Fuel wood stove is the smallest and most economical in the rv wood stove category.


  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 7.9 x 15.6 inches ; 12.6 lbs.
  • Non-rust, stainless steel build, safe, reliable, and clean
  • Heat Output: Low: 3000 BTU, High: 8000 BTU
  • Decorative laser cut door
  • Creates a dry heat to dry out moisture inside room


#2 Hi-Flame Shetland Wood Stove

Hi-Flame FF-905 Shetland Wood Stove

This European style small wood stove features state of the art wood burning energy efficiency. This is a must have small cabin wood stove. The Shetland is a small cast iron wood burning stove that provides a substantial amount of heat for its size. This small stove is easy to install and use, sturdy, and heats fast and maintains it for long durations. High quality is the only way to describe this ingenious piece of equipment. Keep your cabin and small home warm year-round with this beautiful mini wood stove.


  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 18 x 24 inches ; 174 lbs.
  • Overall Efficiency: 85%
  • Heats up to 800 square feet
  • Accepts logs up to 12”: 6” flue
  • Up to 21,000 BTUs


#3 Vozelgang Defender EPA Wood Stove

Vogelzang TR001 Defender EPA Wood Stove

The Vozelgang Defender is a gorgeous steel plated wood burning stove. A sturdy cast iron door with air washed ceramic glass provides a fantastic view of the fire that will flourish in any setting. Air flows through the primary inlet at the front of the stove that immediately ignites the wood. Next, air is fed to the top of the stove through a secondary air inlet at the rear of the wood stove. As a result, there is air igniting the top and the bottom of the stove which consumes the wood. This duo-mechanism allows for the most efficient way of burning wood, receiving the most energy possible from your wood. The Defender is a reliable system that burns for several hours on one fueling.


  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 23.5 x 28 inches ; 260 lbs.
  • Heats up to 1,200 square feet
  • Accepts logs up to 17” in length
  • Adjustable high speed (100 CFM) blower (optional)
  • Up to 68,000 BTUs


#4 Pleasant Hearth Small Wood Burning Stove


This luxurious tiny wood stove is sure to warm your home with extremely effective and efficient indoor heating. The Pleasant Hearth is EPA certified, making it great for environmentally conscious users. This unit is one of the best small wood stoves for single-family and mobile home use with a small amount of assembly required. Pleasant Hearth stoves come equipped with a brick lined firebox, chrome candles, and an automatic air wash system that cleans the big glass window. A 5 year warrant also accompanies the purchase of this wood stove. The value you receive from this stove in terms of the price it costs is unbeatable. Treat yourself and your family with this beautiful tiny house wood stove.


  • Product Dimensions: 22.5 x 22.5 x 31.5 inches ; 277 lbs.
  • Heats up to 1,200 square feet
  • Up to 50,000 BTUs
  • Mobile Home Approved
  • Includes blower for quiet, yet powerful heat distribution


Tiny stoves offer an affordable and sustainable way to keep your family warm this winter season. No longer will you suffer through the cold when your power goes out. Small wood stoves are efficient, reliable, and act as wood burning fireplace in terms of the ambiance and aesthetic they deliver. The list of best wood stoves for tiny houses is based off of months of research, trial and error, and from speaking with various users. These stoves provide the best value for their prices. Weigh out the advantages and disadvantages from each stove with your personal preferences to help make your final decision. You can’t go wrong with any of the small wood stoves above, so don’t strain yourself trying to pick one. If you would like to learn more about small wood stoves, visit our home page at